ReruitmentRecruitment in current synopsis: 

The recruitment process has evolved drastically over the past one decade. The old fashion way of recruiting does not always work with most of the companies. Depending on the size of the company, different companies use different strategies and source of recruitment. Most of the companies now head their own HR department to process the hiring and maintain employee relations.

Old Fashioned Way (Referrals):- Mostly, small companies use this channel to recruit their employees. Referrals normally come through employees or colleagues and still are the best way to close vacant positions internally. You would be surprised to know; at least 70% of industry jobs don’t get advertised but recruited through internal connections or personal references.

Personal recruits are dependable because they come through someone known who also ensures their work efficiency, quality and ethics.

Hiring Consultants:-  If a position is not closed through references, companies then…

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