Chinese today and I must say, “WOW” to the entire experience here at the Atlantis the Palm in Dubai. Certainly one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai, Yuan brings together the fiery and diverse flavors of the Sichuan province, served in a distinctively modern style.


When it comes to food Atlantis offers huge choice with over 20 different food outlets from fast food right through to Michelin starred dining. At the top end, there are globally renowned restaurant names like Nobu and Ronda Locatelli and some seriously good specialty restaurants including the SeaFire Steakhouse, Breadstreet by Gordon Ramsay and Yuan (Chinese). You will pay top dollar but each restaurant offers a memorable culinary experience and beautifully designed contemporary venues. Most also have bars so, even if you are not eating there, they are worth a visit for a cocktail or two, simply to admire the location and rub shoulders with the ‘in’ crowd. There are also buffet style restaurants, Saffron and Kaleidoscope – their breakfast, lunch and themed dinner buffet displays have to be seen to be believed.

With its own entrance from The Avenue’s restaurant and retail zone, Yuan is one of the most impressively designed spaces I’ve walked into this year. It has glam written all over it, with intricate lighting features, lush upholstery and a glossy cocktail bar you’ll want to be seen at. But as we walked through the door we were immediately welcomed by the friendly staff Wendy, who lead us through the stylish space. The Assistant Manager Frank took very good care of us and made us feel great with his sense of humor and great service. Yuan is the first fine dining Chinese restaurant at Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort and its interior scheme displays the ethereal beauty of old China.

I was floored with the interiors. Apart from an Oriental inner courtyard, designed using Chinese elements of harmony and balance, there was the Principal House, reminiscent of dining halls built for Chinese nobility. Diners can be seated in an Oriental Inner Courtyard, designed using Chinese elements of harmony and balance or in the Principal House, where the scenes of nature and warm interiors are reminiscent of dining halls built for Chinese nobility. Alternatively, guests can choose to relax and escape by entertaining in the private dining room.


The Dim sum is a particular highlight, with each delicate piece packed with imaginative flavours. They make the perfect starter to any of the wide ranging mains, which include dishes from almost every region of the vast Asian nation.
Service is notably good, with knowledgeable and hospitable staff providing well informed advice on the menu and guidance on food and drink pairings. Frank and his staff were very attentive and helpful. They were always available without hovering around the table and were smiling. Clearly they were all very well trained and took pride in the work. Frank made sure that we knew everything we were eating and what the dish contained. Some of us were pure vegetarians (not even egg) and it is never easy to find enough for Vegetarians in a high end Chinese restaurant but Yuan proved us wrong.

We started with the vegetarian Hot and Sour soup and I decided to order the Lobster soup with Chinese wild mushrooms followed by Crispy Eggplant, Veg Dumplings in Schezwan sauce and Spring Rolls all done to perfection with authentic Chinese flavors.

I decided to try the famous Wagyu beef and the beef was divine throughout and my favorite wagyu main course was cooked to perfection. The Yuzu Seabass curry, sweet and sour chicken and stir fried chicken was amazing and the vegetarians were served with Mapu Tofu, Sweet and Sour mushrooms with rice. The restaurant amazes its patrons with enticing dishes filled with startling combinations, and dynamic presentation.


The bar and lounge at YUAN features innovative mocktails and cocktails, perfectly blending traditional Chinese ingredients, such as ginger root, sesame seeds and fresh fruit with top shelf spirits.

They serve beautiful desserts too such as the mango sago with pomelo we had there which was utterly divine! The Corn caramel with peanuts, crumble and coconut sorbet was certainly very different.

“This area is enriched by a dramatic skylight embellished with Chinese screens and a hanging, enchanting art piece tailor made by famous Japanese designer Hirotoshi Sawada.” The hanging art installation is eye-catching and evokes free-flowing movement.


For this level of service and cooking, the final bill of around AED 400/- to 500/- per person (including drinks) in a high-end eatery in a tourist oriented luxury resort in Dubai is justifiable. It may not be the cheapest restaurant in the city, but you’ll be hard pressed to find better Chinese food with a Royal treatment anywhere else in the city.

Our Verdict:-

If Yaun is good enough for Kim Kardashian to dine in then it’s certainly very good for us, We were treated like kings, spoiled and looked after as for us, We will certainly return!

Reviewed by:-

Raj Bhatt- CEO Hozpitality Group, MENA and North America

Vandana Bhatt- Director Hozpitality Group, MENA and North America



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