▶ Watch Full Episode 11, Hozpitality Buzz Season 2 – YouTube

▶ Watch Full Episode 11, Hozpitality Buzz Season 2 – YouTube.

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Our Devastated Neighbors(Nepal)


Our neighbors have been devastated badly by natural calamity in the last few weeks. The Earthquake which shattered Nepal with magnitude 7.9 and then hit again with magnitude 7.1, after another 10 days, has left the world with deep agony. We cannot imagine the pain of those whose houses were damaged and whose families have been deceased in this activity. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has completely wrecked by this massive Earthquake. Pokhra and other villages nearby are destructed too. I’m very proud of my country and Army who provided immediate support to the neighbors, the help was sent after a few hours of the incident by India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. This could have happened anywhere, we need to show the support as human beings and help those, who are now terrorized and have lost everything. No one can feel their agony but a helping hand is always…

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